Nanoblock Japanese Tree Frog NBC007 over 80 Pieces

Nanoblock Japanese Tree Frog NBC007 over 80 Pieces

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Nanoblock are a Challenging three-dimensional puzzle made from a micro-sized building block system with its smallest parts being a mere 4 x 4 x 5mm. It is a stimulating hobby material for everyone, but especially for grown-ups who wish to be absorbed in making projects in great detail. 

At just 1/8th the size of standard building bricks the detail of projects has to be seen to be believed. The double ridged backing system is the key to keeping Nanoblock models as small as possible by allowing pieces to be offset from each other.


Size : Over 80 Pieces

Skill Level 2 of 8 

Age : NanoBlocks range from 8+

Brand Range : NanoBlock

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