Classic Operation Board Game by MB Games and Hasbro 6+

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The Operation Silly Skill Game is an upated version of the childhood classic, where you and your friends would attempt, hands steady and tweezers poised, to remove a number of hilarious objects from that poor soul on the operating table, Cavity Sam, without setting off the buzzer. Now, the game has updated sounds, so depending on what your trying to carefully fish out of the patient, if you hit the tweezers make contact you'll get a burp, bark, bell or (sometimes) a toilet flushing! He must have a case of bad plumbing (groan). The game will tell you which operation to move on to next, and there's even a single player mode if you want to practice your surgery skills. Can you and your friends operate and help the poor fellow out?
Product Features
Classic Operation game updated with new sound effects
Keep your hands steady and use the tweezers to operate on Cavity Sam
Don't touch the metal sides, or you'll get buzzed and the patient's nose will light up (that can't be healthy!)
Handy storage tray
Single player mode
Age : 6+ Years
Size: Depth  27 cm Height  5.2 cm Width  40.2 cm


Brand : Hasbro

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