CVLizations Board Strategy Game by Granna

CVLizations Board Strategy Game by Granna

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In CVlizations, you take the role of a leader of a tribe, and you are charged with the task of 'writing' its CV (Curriculum Vitae - resume). To do so, you choose which orders to give and which inventions, tools, buildings and ideologies to develop. The happiness of your people depends on you. Gameplay is build around action selection. Each turn, every player chooses two order cards, and the strength of the action depends on how many other players have chosen that action. Players manage their resources to develop ideas, and in the end the one who collected the most happiness points wins.


A highly entertaining game for ages 10 to adult and makes an excellent addition to your family game collection
Sister to successful game CV, CVLizations is a lighter, quicker game
Granna's games are always beautifully illustrated!


Boxed Size :26 x 26 x 8cm

Age : 10 and up
2 - 5 Players
45 Minutes game time

Brand : Granna Games


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