Aurora Northern and Southern Lights Projector by Brainstorm

Aurora Northern and Southern Lights Projector by Brainstorm

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For many of us we will never get the pleasure of seeing one of the greatest wonders of the world - the Northern Lights. Fortunately with this Aurora Northern and Southern Lights Projector, you can see one of the most fascinating natural wonders of the world in your own bedroom. This projector uses multi-coloured LED's in eight different light modes to project moving Auroa lights onto the walls and ceilings of your home. Choose between two pattern discs which switch between the amazing aurora borealis (northern lights) and the breathtaking aurora australis (southern lights) for a different projection every night. You can even make the colours change for each projection manually or automatically, so you can set it up in your child's bedroom for a soothing way to send them to sleep. Don't worry the projector features and auto-shut-off mechanism to conserve it's battery life, so it won't stay on all night when your child is asleep. This projector can also be used at parties as a great talking point and is a great educational toy. 
Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).


Age : From 6 years+ 

Range : Brainstorm E2024


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