Buckaroo Game by Hasbro 4+

Buckaroo Game by Hasbro 4+

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Kick Up Some Fun with this exciting never-know-when-he's-gonna-buck stacking game! Load up the moody mule for your gold mining trip, but watch out -- he may buck at any second with no warning! Gently saddle him up and load on your gear. Will he remain calm or will he kick up a storm and send everything flying? You never know what will set him off! So pick a piece and stack it on. He'll make you jump with excitement as he kicks the load off his back! Be the last to load the mule without losing your gear, and win! 3 Skill Levels. Easy Setup Includes Plastic mule with Base and Plastic Game Pieces: Blanket, saddle shovel, canteen, pan, lantern, bedroll, rope, dynamite, hat, holster, guitar, crate. Instructions in English and Spanish. No batteries required.

Box Contains Plastic mule with Base Plastic Game Pieces: Blanket saddle shovel canteen pan lantern bedroll rope dynamite hat holster guitar crate


For 2-4 players


Ages : 4 +


Brand : Hasbro



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