Cutetitos Plush Series 3 Soft Toys in a Burrito Blanket 3+

Cutetitos Plush Series 3 Soft Toys in a Burrito Blanket 3+

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Cutetitos - everyone's favourite adorable stuffed animals wrapped in burrito blankets - are back again with 12 more spicy animalitos in fun fabrics with a brand new tortilla surprise! Cutetitos are adorable, stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in a burrito blanket ready to be unrolled and discovered! Based on the trend of pet owners wrapping their pets in blankets like a burrito, now kids of all ages can collect Cutetitos and roll their own stuffed pet into a burrito! Cutetitos come uniquely wrapped in a large mystery bag building suspense of which Cutetito is inside, then unwrap to discover your new cutest pet & more! To find out if your Cutetito's personality is mild, medium, hot or super spicy, just check out it's 'hot spot'! From a Zebrito to a Penguinito and even a Pegasito, there are 12 brand new Cutetitos to collect in fun new patterns! Plus, each tortilla now has a surprise colour inside that matches the Cutetitos hot spot! And as always, a pet collector card is included with additional information about your new pet including its species, name, and birthday! 


Collect all 12! (Each sold separately)


Age : 3 years + 


Size :  18 cm


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