Scruff A Luvs Babies Rescue Pet S5 Soft Toy Collectables 2+

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Scruff'a'luv collection series with 21 different small Scruff-a-luvs that everyone needs to be rescued. See if you can save all the 21 mini Scruff'a'luvs. When you open your mini Scruff'a'luvs, you need to pull the pacifier out of the mouth of it, then see which pet you have got. The Scruff'a'luvs mini collection series makes it easy to add more Scruff'a'luvs to your very own Scruff'a'luvs family!
These are Blind Pack and are sent at random from the range available at the time of ordering - Which will you get!
Age : 2 Years and up

Brand : Little Live Pets


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