Light, Sound & Musical Toys

Light, sound & musical toys

Light, sound & musical toys

Our range of light, sound and music toys provide a great way to encourage your child to interact with their toys and stimulate their senses by look, feel and touch. By offering a reward of action children can create sound, motion and light whilst developing fine motor skills and improving hand eye co-ordination.

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Product no.: 1007789

The Hape Rainbow Xylophone is a sturdy Xylophone with bright colours that will teach your child both their colours and sounds


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Product no.: 1009713

This projector uses multi-coloured LED's in eight different light modes to project moving Auroa lights onto the walls and ceilings of your home

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Product no.: 1009712

You can transform your room into a magical and colourful Wonderland by projecting the beautiful rainbow arc onto walls and ceilings

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Product no.: 1003359

A large and beautifully illustrated traditional metal Jack-in-the-Box containing a colourful fabric Clown. The handle is turned to play Pop Goes the Weasel


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Product no.: 1007741

These bells are sure to delight little ones as they learn to play along in time to the music, or just enjoy creating a tinkling bell sound. 


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Product no.: 1011054

With its bright colours and classic spinning-top sound, this Tin Humming Top is sure to become a playtime favourite! 


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Product no.: 1007935

These brightly coloured Twin Maracas are perfectly sized for youngsters to rattle and shake.


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Product no.: 1005337

Push down on each animal's head to hear a realistic sound! Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination.


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Product no.: 1011750

Metal spinning top, which emits a loud humming noise as it turns, changing in volume and tone depending on the speed. 


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Product no.: 1003691

Make some delightful tunes with this Metal Kazoo! Perfect to spend your pocket money on! Or makes a great gift.


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11 - 20 of 63 results