Deadliest Dinosaurs 60 Piece Giant Floor Jigsaw Puzzle

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This bright colourful fun-to-learn jigsaw is a great way to discover fascinating facts about dinosaurs. The puzzle shows the deadliest dinosaurs from the Triassic Jurassic and Cretaceous eras. The Triassic period includes the Arizonasaurus believed to be distant relatives of crocodiles the Jurassic period shows the well-known Stegosaurus first fossils discovered in Colorado in 1876 whilst the Cretaceous period is dominated by the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex first fossil discovered in 1874. There are 15 dinosaurs depicted on the puzzle so plenty to be discovered and enjoyed. The puzzle comes with an in-box leaflet giving height length weight of each dinosaur so young puzzle fans can compare them and decide which is the deadliest


Size : 49 x 69cm


Range : Ravensburger 

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