Sylvanian Families Baby Forest Costume Series 5751 3+

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A cute, collectible series of baby figures with forest-themed accessories and costumes for hours of fun. There is a total of eight figures to collect, including a secret one (each sold separately). Open it up and see which one you get! Each set includes an accessory or costume for the baby, with a forest theme such as bugs or flowers.


There are eight different figures to collect, including one rare mystery figure that only the very lucky will find! Collect all eight Baby Forest Costume characters, including; Silk Cat baby, Gilly Golightly in mushroom outfit Walnut Squirrel baby, Ambrose in acorn outfit Marshmallow Mouse baby, Mary with leaf raft Koala baby, Julie Outback in ladybird outfit Husky baby, Drake with green leaf hiding place Chocolate Rabbit baby, Flora with lily of the valley Red Deer baby, Oscar Buckley in apple costume Plus one secret rare mystery figure

Age: 3 years +


From : Sylvanian Families 


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